FAQ: Transfer from Forge to IRA Resources

Moving your IRA to IRA Resources is a smart choice.  You can expect an upgrade in customer service and savings of 54% compared to Forge.

Following are answers to some of the common questions about IRA Resources and the transfer process.

How Much Cash do I Need in My Forge IRA to Execute the Transfer?

Forge Trust Co. fees associated with the transfer out and account closure total $240.

Since you want to have at least $500 in the Solera checking account, it is best to have $750 or more in cash in your Forge IRA before transfer paperwork is submitted.

Keep in mind that Forge charges $110 at the beginning of each quarter.  If you are starting the transfer process in the last month of the quarter, you probably want to have that extra $110 in the Forge IRA in case the process is not completed before the next billing cycle.

If your Forge IRA has past-due fees, you will need to bring the account current before starting the transfer process.

Forge Trust Fees and Cash Balance Maintenance


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