KTC Online IRA Application

The fastest way to establish your IRA is with the Kingdom Trust Co. online application.

Before you Begin

You will want to have the following information available

  • The type of new IRA Account you will be establishing
  • The type(s) of retirement plans you will be moving funds from
  • Your photo ID
  • The name, address, and SSN of at least one account beneficiary
  • A credit or debit card

Safeguard as Interested Party

It is important to list Safeguard Advisors as an Interested Party on the Kingdom Application.  Without this, we will not be notified of account setup and limited in our ability to support you through the IRA setup and funding process.  This can delay the setup of your Checkbook IRA plan.

Interested Party Info:

Safeguard Advisors LLC
4845 Pearl East Cir.
Suite 101
Boulder, CO  80301


Online IRA Application


Step-By Step Instructions

Following are instructions for the application process, with guidance related to the common questions that come up at various steps.



Are You Interested in an Individual or Business Account? Individual
What Type of Account Do You Want to Open? Enter the IRA account type appropriate for the funds you are rolling over:

Traditional IRA

Roth IRA



If you are not sure, please speak with your Safeguard consultant before proceeding

DO NOT select custodial account, which is for non-retirement custody accounts.

Affiliate Code Safeguard
Account Holder Info Your full name and primary address information
Identification A copy of a photo ID will need to be sent to KTC later in the process to comply with banking regulations.  Please include the details of the ID you will be using for this purpose.
Beneficiary Information This is the person(s) or trust that will receive your account in the event of your death.

You must designate at least one Primary Beneficiary and allocate 100% to that person.

You can create other beneficiary structures but must always allocate 100% of primary and 100% of contingent status.  For example:

Spouse                  100% Primary

Child 1                   50% Contingent

Child 2                   50% Contingent


Child 1                   50% Primary

Child 2                   50% Primary

Trust                      100% Contingent

If you are married and live in a community property state, signature consent of your spouse will be required to designate any other primary beneficiary.  Such consent will be requested by KTC using a paper form after the account setup process is completed.

TIP: If you have a complex beneficiary designation or do not have all required information for each beneficiary, it may be easiest to just enter one Primary Beneficiary at this time.  You can easily submit an updated designation using the KTC paper form after the account has been established

Ongoing Fee Payment We STRONGLY recommend that you provide a credit/debit card for future account administration fees.  This is the easiest and least expensive means to manage this process.


If you choose to have KTC invoice you, there is a separate fee.

Account Designated Representatives NO.   This type of relationship does not apply

Safeguard Advisors (place in first/last)
4845 Pearl East Cir
Suite 101
Boulder, CO  80301

If Safeguard is not designated, we will not have visibility to the account.  That can hamper our ability to provide support and can introduce delay in plan completion.

Initial Account Funding Enter the approximate amount you will be funding the IRA with.  This value is just for reference and does not need to be precise.
Account Funding Information Check the box(es) for any types of funding transactions you intend to make.

This entry is informational and lets KTC know how to best follow up with funding instructions once the account has been setup.


Confirmation Screen

We recommend you download the copy of your application that is provided on the confirmation screen.

Next Steps

Kingdom Trust Co. will send an automated email confirming the submission.  You can then expect a phone call from a Kingdom Trust Co. representative to follow up on any additional items that may be required to complete the application, such as a copy of your photo ID.

KTC will also provide guidance and paperwork associated with the types of funding transactions you will be executing.

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