Best States to Buy an IRA Property in 2018

beststatesiraOne of the most consistently popular investment choices for IRA investors is real estate.

Many retirement investors put their personal knowledge and experience with real estate to grow their retirement savings.

And a big part of what makes an IRA real estate investor successful is staying on top of current housing market trends.

No two cities are alike. The areas that may have had a booming housing market 10 years ago may have already shifted to other parts of the city, state or even country.

A smart IRA real estate investment isn’t just about getting the biggest house for your buck. A strong local economy, lower cost of living and lower taxes can all be important factors in your investment.

Here are 5 of the strongest housing markets for IRA investing in 2018.

1. Nevada

Home of the dynamic Las Vegas, Nevada is predicted to be one of the top locations to invest in properties in 2018.

Nevada home values have gone up 14.2% over the past year, and are predicted to rise another 8.0% within the next year. The median home value in Nevada is $276,400.

2. Texas

Thanks to a flourishing business economy, many areas in Texas are experiencing a housing boom.

Because of a lower state taxes and cost of living, more and more companies have relocated or launched their businesses in Texas. That means more workers moving to Texas to find homes.

House sales in Texas have gone up over 6% throughout the year. The median home value in Texas is $185,900.

3. Colorado

With home values increasing by 7.8% over the past year, Colorado property investors have seen some of the highest appreciation of any other state in the U.S. over the past 2 years.

Right now, the median home value in Colorado is $366,100. While the high appreciation over the last few years may cool a bit, it will still remain positive. Home price appreciation is predicted to level out in 2018 to around 3.1%.

4. Florida

Florida’s warm weather has always been a big draw, and this trend looks to continue.
Florida’s most popular areas (like Deltona and Lakeland) are expected to see at least a 5% boost in housing sales throughout 2018.

The median home price in Deltona, the state’s most-booming housing area is $275,050.

5. Oklahoma

A lower cost of living, low crime rate and robust job economy have all helped create a strong (yet affordable) housing market in Oklahoma.

The medium home price there is $99,000, which is well below the average price of $217,300.

We can expect Oklahoma to be an attractive location for first-time home buyers (or any home buyer) who may be looking for a more manageable mortgage.

Choosing where you want to purchase an IRA real estate property is up to you. One of the advantages of tapping into your local real estate market to find renters is that you can meet them in-person as part of the vetting process.

Having a thorough screening process in place for renters is important in ensuring you find a responsible and reliable tenant who will take care of your property—saving you money (and headaches).

Read on for expert tips on for 4 tried-and-true methods to increase your chances of finding quality renters for your IRA property >

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