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Trust, but verify…

You’re concerned about whether you can trust someone you have never met and who primarily conducts business on the internet. And, rightfully so. Everyday, greedy men and women devise clever schemes to take your money and all the while appearing to be honest, upstanding citizens. Robert Hubbard, CEO, Safeguard Advisors

Fraud Warnings

Do an internet search for the term “self-directed ira” and you’ll come across this article published by the Securities and Exchange Commission of the United States Government: Investor Alert: Self-Directed IRAs and the Risk of Fraud. The essence of the article is a warning against fraudsters who are out to “steal” your retirement funds through illegal schemes. (It’s not a warning about companies like Safeguard.)

The Investor Alert raises legitimate issues, but unfortunately, it doesn’t balance out the negative information with the positive results that one can achieve by investing wisely with a Self Directed IRA. That’s too bad, because 99% of all Self Directed investors are doing very well.

As you may know, well-known Wall Street firms are fined billions of dollars every year for investor fraud and deception that strips away millions of hard earned retirement investment dollars. And, the SEC, no matter how many investor “alerts” they issue, cannot prevent the fraudsters on Wall Street, or Main Street, from raiding your wallet…any more that a stop sign can prevent an automobile accident.

What You Should Know About Safeguard

To ease your mind a bit, it is important to point out that Safeguard Advisors was established in 2005 and is in its 8th year of business operations. We maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and we have never had any type of complaint lodged against us.

During the processing and set up of your plan, we never have access to your retirement funds. Funds are either transferred directly or rolled over from your current custodian/administrator to another Self Directed custodian, administrator or trustee. You always have control of the funds…no one else does.

Lastly, all of our legal and document work is performed by our Tax Attorney/CPA who has been structuring Self Directed IRA & 401(k) plans for more than 20 years. (Information on our Attorney and Senior Advisors can be found on the “About” page.)

Bottom Line

The only way to protect yourself is to know with whom you are doing business. Take the time to perform due diligence before making an investment. Start by asking for references, then check out the people involved with an investment and make sure they have a clean financial and criminal background. You can run a check on someone for about $100 through companies like And, remember, if it sounds too good to be true…