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All IRA accounts are required by law to be held by a custodian. IRA Services Trust Co. of San Carlos, California is Safeguard’s custodian of choice for this purpose.

IRA Services has been in business since 1969 and operates as a non-depository trust company, authorized by the IRS to act as custodian for IRA accounts. The company is regulated and insured in the exact same manner as the large Wall Street firms that are household names.

Your account with IRA Services is viewed by the IRS exactly as if it were with a bank or brokerage institution. What is different about IRA Services Trust Co is their ability to process non-traditional investment transactions, such as real estate.

The FDIC depository institution utilized by IRA Services Trust Co. is Fremont Bank of California (FDIC Certificate #19222). When transferred from your existing custodian/plan administrator, your retirement funds will be held in a designated account that is FDIC insured up to $250,000.

During the setup of your Self Directed IRA plan, we will assist you in the establishment of a business checking account at the local financial institution of your choosing on behalf of the IRA LLC.

The funds will be wire transferred from Fremont Bank into the IRA LLC account. Once the initial setup is completed, you are in sole control of the funds, under the umbrella of a structure that is compliant with IRS regulations.


Safeguard is facilitating the set up of a Self Directed IRA plan on your behalf and never has access or control of your retirement funds. You, and you alone, through authorizing signatures, maintain complete control of your funds throughout a process that is deemed a non-taxable plan-to-plan transfer or rollover.