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In today’s complicated economic environment, people are opting to become their own boss. Fund your business with an IRA.

You Can Make Your Business a Dream Come True…

Make no mistake about it, these are difficult and challenging times. But, according to an article in “USA Today,” a recession may be the best time to start a new business. Whether you’re just plain tired of working at a job or you’ve left a job because of downsizing or layoffs…you do have options.

Launch Your Dream

With a bit of research, careful planning and retirement funds (like a 401k), you might discover that now is the time for you to launch your dream.
You can find loads of information about starting and operating a small business by doing a keyword search for “starting a small business”. Fundamentally, you’ll find the following steps are fairly universal:

  1. Think about your job skills and how they might relate to a small business.
  2. Choose a business or franchise with low start-up costs. (e.g. home-based.)
  3. Do industry research. Check out your competition, then launch your business.
  4. Market aggressively. If this is a weak spot for you, hire someone who can help.
  5. Network…online through social networks and locally through referral networks.
  6. Treat your customers like royalty. Word of mouth referrals are always the best.

Small Business Funding Solutions & Working Capital

To fund your business, look no further than your own retirement plan. Almost any qualified plan can be converted to a customized pension plan that can invest into your own business – without incurring taxes, penalties, interest or debt. The benefits are powerful, yet easy to understand:

  • Use a safe, proven plan based on long standing provisions of the IRS
  • Use pre-tax dollars to fund your business
  • Gain business equity and an improved cash flow position from the start
  • Use the funds to receive a salary during start up
  • Accelerate business profitability by eliminating or reducing interest and debt
  • Secure funding fast – typically two to three weeks or less
  • Set aside tax deductible retirement savings up to $200,000 per year
  • Optimize business equity and value

Your Success Is Our Focus

Helping individuals start and succeed in business is not just what we do – it’s who we are. Safeguard Advisors is singularly focused on helping individuals like you start and succeed in business. Our Business Funding plan is designed specifically to help you minimize debt, enhance cash flow, stimulate business growth, build equity and take full advantage of tax benefits.