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Investing with a Self-Directed Retirement plan is very different than just opening an account and picking a few stocks or funds.  With the freedom to invest in a wide variety of opportunities comes a need to understand and operate within IRS rules so as to maintain the tax-sheltered status of your funds.

Having the right plan supported by a knowledgeable and helpful guide is key to your success.

At Safeguard Advisors we have been leaders in the specialty field of tax-sheltered alternative asset investing since 2005.  We’ve worked with thousands of clients all across the country with a broad range of investment interests.  Through this depth of experience, we have designed our business model in a way that promotes your success.


Our plan services entail two phases:

  • Building a plan to put you in full control of your investments
  • Helping you get the most out of that plan with access to quality education and ongoing consulting support

We’ve created a streamlined, secure process to help get your plan setup as quickly as possible.  Most plans can be funded and ready to invest in 2-4 weeks, depending mostly on how quickly funds can be moved from your current IRA or 401(k) plan.  Throughout the setup of your plan, you’ll experience helpful and proactive service from our team of professionals.  We’ve setup thousands of plans over the years, and work constantly to enhance the ease of setup and security of your personal information.

Once your plan is in place, your dedicated Safeguard consultant is available to you over the life of your use of the plan.  When you want to ensure you are operating within the IRS rules or make sure you understand the most effective approach to a certain opportunity, you can rely on our expertise to help you chart the right course.

Customized Plans

No two investors are alike.  We don’t offer cookie cutter plans and try to wedge everyone into the same format.  We offer a handful of plan formats that can be tailored to best suit the type of retirement funds you wish to put to work and the types of investments you are looking to pursue.

Every Safeguard relationship starts with a no-cost consultation where we’ll take the time to learn about you and your goals, and identify the best plan format for your needs.

Safeguard provides 3 types of plans with checkbook access in all 50 states:

Allowable Investment Options

Our specialized self-directed retirement plans allow for almost unlimited investment choices.  The IRS rules only prohibit a few types of investments, including life insurance, collectibles and sub-chapter S corporation shares.  Everything else is possible.

Our goal is to help you invest in what you know and understand, regardless of what that might be.  Some of the investments our clients make include:

  • Rental Property
  • Private Company Stock
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Private Investment Funds
  • Apartment Syndications
  • Mortgage Notes and Trust Deeds
  • Crowdfunds
  • Accounts Receivable Factoring
  • Oil, Gas & Mineral Rights
  • Their Own Business Venture
  • Conventional Financial Products such as Stocks & Funds
  • And much, much more.

More important that the “what” is the “how”.  Certain transaction structures are more favorable to an IRA investor than others.  It may be better for your plan to be a lender than an equity partner in some cases.  The use of leverage such as mortgage financing can really accelerate the growth of your IRA, but does come with additional administrative requirements.

When you have Safeguard Advisors on your team you can invest with confidence that you are engaging in best practices while growing your tax-sheltered retirement savings.



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