Is your IRA Still with Forge Trust?

If so, you are paying too much.  It is time to change.

IRA Services Trust Co. was Safeguard’s primary custodian partner from 2005 to 2015.  They were the best option in the marketplace at the time.

Since being acquired and rebranded to Forge Trust Co. in 2020, fees have increased 120%.  Forge Trust is now charging $440 per year per the new fee schedule effective July 1st, 2022.

Our ability to continue to support clients using Forge Trust is also diminishing as they change policies and procedures.

We highly recommend you consider having our team at Safeguard Advisors help you move your IRA to an alternate custodian.

Switch and save 54% on annual fees and experience an upgrade in customer service.

Recommended Custodian: Solera National Bank

Join the hundreds of self-directed IRA investors who have made the switch to Solera National Bank and are enjoying superior customer service at less than half the cost of Forge Trust Co.

Why We Recommend Solera National Bank

Solera National Bank is Safeguard Advisor’s preferred custodian, and the institution we use for new plan setups.  Following are some of the reasons we have chosen Solera as our custodial partner.

Great Customer Service:  The team at Solera is responsive, friendly, and knowledgeable.

Unified Banking:  Solera holds the checking account for your IRA-owned LLC or trust in addition to providing IRA custody services.  Linking the IRA and entity accounts reduces paperwork, time, and expense as you operate your plan.

Competitive Fees:  Annual IRA administrative fees with Solera are just $199 per year.

Fast Processing:  The entity checking account is normally funded within 1 business day from the time of deposit for new contributions or rollovers to the IRA.

Easy to Maintain:  IRA fees can be paid personally or from the LLC/Trust checking account.  Subscription billing puts the IRA on autopilot and eliminates surprise fees common with Forge fee payments.

Simple Valuations for RMDs:  If your IRA is subject to Required Minimum Distributions, you can self-report annual valuation.  No licensed 3rd party certification from an attorney, CPA, or appraiser is necessary.

SPECIAL OFFER! No First Year Fees

Transfer now and save $199 on first year fees with Solera Bank.


  • A new Solera Bank checking account will be established with your account setup.  This account links the IRA and LLC/Trust.
  • A minimum of $500 must be deposited to the Solera LLC/Trust checking account.
  • You can choose to make Solera your primary checking provider or continue to use your current bank in addition to Solera.
  • All transactions between the IRA and LLC/Trust such as contributions or distributions will route through the Solera checking account.

Learn More

Visit our Solera FAQ page for more information about Solera National Bank and the transfer process.

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Custodian Change Procedure

If you choose to make the switch, Safeguard Advisors will guide you through the process.  We will:

  • Help you prepare your current IRA LLC or Trust for transfer
  • Assist you with the Solera Bank IRA application
  • Prepare amended legal documents for your LLC or Trust, as well as the transfer documents necessary to move your plan

Your checkbook IRA is not impacted by the move.  You can continue to manage investments as normal throughout the transfer process.

Custodian Comparison

Forge Solera
Annual Fee $440 $199
Integrated Banking No Yes
Pay fees personally
or from the IRA
No Yes
Responsive Support No Yes
Easy to Maintain No Yes
Certified Valuations required for RMDs Yes No

Learn More

If you want to better understand the process and ensure your Checkbook IRA is in good standing and ready to be transferred, please Schedule a Support Callback.

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