Fixing IRA Account Delinquencies

In order to maintain your IRA Services Trust Co. IRA account in good standing, you must do three things:

  • Pay annual administrative fees
  • Report the end-of-year fair market value of your LLC/Trust
  • Keep your contact information up to date

Failure to maintain the account can result in additional fees, or worse…

An account that is delinquent on fees or valuation reporting for an extended period may be terminated and resigned by IRA Services Trust Co.  This can result in severe tax consequences.

Use the following resources to remedy problems with your IRA account.

Paying Past-Due Account Fees

For purposes of paying past-due fees only you may use the IRA Services E-Bill Express platform.


You will be asked to provide your IRA account number and billing zip code to access the system.  This information is available on your IRA Services account statement.

If you cannot login, Contact IRA Services Trust Co. at 800-248-8447 for assistance.


Using E-Bill Express solves the current delinquency problem but is not a long-term fix.  When the next quarter rolls around, you will again be behind on fees.  You will therefore also need to replenish the cash balance of the IRA so that future account fees may be drawn from the IRA.

For information on how to maintain your IRA cash balance, refer to the following article:

Fees and Minimum Cash Balance

Reporting Fair Market Valuation

Most investors can report the fair market value of their IRA-owned entity quickly online using the IRA Services Valuation Portal.


You will be asked to provide your IRA account number, the last 4 digits of your SSN, and your date of birth to access the system.  Your account number is available on your IRA Services account statement.

Investors with an account subject to Required Minimum Distributions will not be able to use the online valuation portal and will need to submit a paper form with a 3rd party certified valuation.  A link to the IRA LLC Valuation form is available at the bottom of the valuation portal login page.

For more information on how to report fair market value, refer to the following article:

Year-End Valuation

Updating Contact Information

IRA Services Trust Co. communicates largely via email.  It is therefore important for them to have a valid email address on file.  It is also important for IRA Services Trust Co. to have your current mailing address.

You can make account contact changes using the Account Owner Information Change form, or by submitting a signed letter of instruction to IRA Services, P.O. Box 7080, San Carlos, CA 94070-7080.

It is also helpful to make the @iraservices.com domain a safe sender in your email client.  Most contact you receive will be system automated messages that may go to junk mail if not properly flagged.

If you have changed your address or other contact information there are other vendors associated with your checkbook IRA that you will want to notify.  Please refer to the following article for more details:

Address Change

Preventing Future Delinquencies

Set a calendar reminders to do the following two things in early January each year:

  • Replenish Cash Balance

The easiest way to maintain the cash balance is to reimburse the IRA for fees assessed during the current tax year year.   Login to your account sometime in January, review your account statement for fees paid in the prior calendar year, and send that amount to IRA Services.  It is important to do this early in the year, as after February 28th you may no longer pay prior year fees with non-IRA funds.

  • Report Annual Valuation

Valuation of the IRA owned LLC/Trust entity is required as of December 31st each year for reporting purposes.  The deadline to report is January 10th.

Contacting IRA Services Trust Co.

If you need assistance with your IRA account, please contact IRA Services Trust Co directly.



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