Are My Funds Eligible for a Self-Directed IRA? [CHECKLIST]

A self-directed IRA is a great way to boost your retirement savings. Investing in in real estate, mortgage notes, or private placements can require significant capital, however. As such, most investors start a self-directed IRA or Solo 401(k) with a rollover from a prior plan.

To help determine whether your retirement funds are eligible for a self-directed IRA, our checklist below answers the following common questions:

  • Can I move my IRA funds?
  • Are my funds compatible?
  • Are there any IRA specific considerations?
  • What are the Solo 401(k) specific considerations?
Contact a retirement planning expert to help you navigate your investments and find out if your retirement funds are eligible to be rolled over to a self-directed IRA.
Eligible funds for Self-Directed IRA checklist

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