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Self-Directed IRA Plans

Self-Directed IRA LLC plans offered by Safeguard Advisors open up an entirely new realm of investing possibilities for your retirement funds. With these plans, you can invest in anything the IRS rules allow for, and you can be in direct control of all your plan’s investment activities.

The IRA-owned LLC format we create provides several advantages with respect to investment flexibility, ability to react quickly to opportunity, and asset protection for your retirement savings. Because you control the LLC that is owned by your IRA, and can directly transact via the LLC bank account, there is no need for 3rd party review, processing delays or per-transaction fees. For many types of investing, this direct control is not only a big advantage, it is a necessary component of being able to execute your strategy effectively and efficiently.

This section of our blog covers topics related to the plans themselves and how they operate, such as deciding which self-directed retirement plan is best for you, shielding your IRA from liability, naming beneficiaries, and much more.