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Invest in yourself with a Business Funding IRA

Capitalize your business using retirement savings - with no taxes or penalites!

  • Self-fund your business using existing retirement funds
  • No taxes or penalties apply
  • Use this program to start, acquire or grow a business
  • Draw a salary from the business
  • Shelter profits from your business into your retirement plan

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The Entrepreneur's Secret Weapon

In today’s complicated economic environment, many people are opting to take control of their own destiny and become their own boss.

The Safeguard Business Funding IRA is a unique retirement plan structure often referred to as a Rollover as Business Startup or ROBS Plan.  This vehicle allows you to use your existing retirement savings to capitalize your own business.

This funding strategy can be used to startup or acquire a business, or for the purposes of expanding an existing business.

The best part is, there are no taxes or penalties.

A Host of Opportunities

Whether you are starting your own venture, purchasing a franchise, or acquiring an existing enterprise, there are a wide variety of business types that can be funded using the Business Funding IRA.

  • Real Estate Development / Contracting
  • Technology Startups
  • Car Washes
  • Insurance Agencies
  • Restaurants
  • Gyms & Fitness Studios
  • Hair & Beauty Salons
  • Services like Electrical, Plumbing & Auto Repair
  • Breweries & Distilleries
  • Tour Operators
  • Hotels, Bed & Breakfast Inns & Event Facilities
  • and many others

Whatever your specific field of expertise, you can fund your dream using a Business Funding IRA.

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How does a Business Funding IRA Work?

It takes a layered approach to build a proper self-funding structure for your business using retirement funds.

  • It starts with the business itself, which must be formed as a sub-chapter C corporation.
  • The corporation then sponsors a qualified employer profit sharing or 401(k) plan, depending on which best suits your particular needs.
  • As an owner/employee of the corporation, you can sign up to participate in the new qualified retirement plan.
  • You can then rollover into the plan from any accessible existing retirement plan that is tax-deferred in nature. This includes a 401(k) from a prior employer or an IRA.  A Roth IRA may not be rolled into the plan, however.
  • The retirement plan then purchases shares of the parent corporation in an Employee Stock Option Purchase (ESOP). This type of ESOP into a C Corporation is allowed per the ERISA rules that govern retirement plans.
  • The retirement plan is now a shareholder of the business, and the capital it has provided to the business can be used for any legitimate business purpose. This includes the acquisition or operation of the business, and even your own salary.

Benefits of a Business Funding IRA

The Business Funding plan may well be your best option…even if you have other options. Think about the possibilities…you can operate the business, draw a salary, and contribute to your retirement plan with profits from the business. Advantages for this type of funding strategy include the following:

  • An all-cash purchase of a business eliminates the need for debt financing
  • Funds can be used as a down payment to secure additional financing
  • Profits enjoy tax-advantaged status by being directed back to your 401(k)
  • As an owner of the business, you may draw a salary and receive benefits
  • Family members may be employed by the company and draw salaries

Top Quality Advisory Services – Your Key to Success

Since 2005, we have helped thousands of entrepreneurs take control of their own future and capitalize their dream. Through dedication to excellent service for each and every investor we work with, we have earned an A+ rating with the BBB.

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Answers to Your Questions

Yes.  When properly implemented and operated, the concept of a retirement plan purchasing parent company shares is allowed by the tax code.  This structure has been in use since the 1980’s.

The ROBS structure is not new.  Entrepreneurs have been using this plan to capitalize their own businesses since the 1980’s.  Most retirement planning centers around conventional financial products, and most financial advisors are not aware of or able to provide the specialized services necessary for this alternative.

Many types of existing retirement plans may be rolled over to Business Funding Plan.

Firstly, funds must be eligible for rollover. Most any IRA may be rolled over at any time. A 401(k) or similar employer retirement plan from former employment can be rolled over. A current employer retirement plan may not be eligible for rollover.

Roth IRA funds cannot be rolled into the Business Funding IRA.

No.  There are no taxes associated with implementing the Business Funding IRA.

Your funds are remaining in a retirement plan, and that plan owns shares of your business.  Active income from the business itself will be taxable, but any dividends issued to the retirement plan shares will be tax-deferred.

We’ll take you through a simple, step by step process designed to put your future into your own hands…immediately. Everything is handled on a turn-key basis. You take 100% control of your Retirement funds legally and without a taxable distribution.

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Learn these little known strategies and tactics and unlock your retirement plan today.

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